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Delivering Impact.


Our Expertise

Digital and Agile Transformation

Change is the only constant. As organizations navigate ongoing shifts, it's vital to adjust their business models and structures. Our team of expert consultants ensures a seamless transition, helping organizations adeptly embrace change.


In the digital age, the ever-evolving media landscape presents new challenges for communications departments. Our seasoned communications team guides in selecting the right technologies and restructuring comms units to thrive in this dynamic ecosystem.

Corporate Communications

Digital Marketing

Consumer needs are in constant flux. As marketing departments adapt their structures and tech infrastructure, we serve as unbiased consultants, guiding clients towards the optimal setup both technically and organizationally. Additionally, we aid in transitioning agency models and choosing the right agency partners.


Data science is at the rise. While companies scout for this expertise, we provide interim solutions. Our data scientists tap into potential by crafting and deploying advanced analytics models. We also pioneer data-driven organizational structures, offering services that encompass platform selection and the establishment of a robust data governance framework.


Data Science


M&A provides a strategic edge for companies navigating complex, evolving markets. Our experts guide clients in crafting M&A strategies for lasting growth. Specializing in commercial due diligence, we oversee the journey from investment narrative and target identification to seamless integration.

Mergers & Acquisitions

The Founder


Mahmoud Bedoui

  • LinkedIn

/  Managing Partner Bedoui Advisory GmbH

/  >8 years Management Consulting

/  Former Head of Data Science in an Insurance Company

/  M&A, Marketing and Communications Expert

/  Strong Tech Affinity

/  Lecturer for Financial Mathematics and Linear Algebra

/  Alumnus of the University of Mannheim

/  Angel Investor


The Team

We are a young strategy consultancy based in Munich. Backed by a team of experienced Digital Experts, Data Scientists and MarCom Professionals, our strategic services meet the needs of clients - from all industries.

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